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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to questions I get asked about my work. Still have a question? Get in touch via email or social media @dramaticinking.

"What art materials do you use to make an inking?"

A: I use black Indian ink on Bristol board. To draw I use  a dip pen and a variety of brushes.

"How long does it take to do a drawing?"

A: It totally depends on what I'm drawing and how busy I am but on average, an inking of a show takes 8 hours of drawing. 

"Did you go to Art School?"

A: No I didn't. I always enjoyed drawing but really wasn't that good. At age 19 when I started at drama school studying design for theatre drawing became fundamental so I taught myself by copying other people's drawings then practicing everyday for a few years! 

"Where do you make your drawings?"

A: I draw at home. I have a beautiful victorian desk which I saved from a skip outside a theatre, but most of the time I lie on the living room floor, usually with my cat asleep on me. 

"Do you sell your work?"

A: Yes I do. I regularly make limited numbers of prints of my artwork which I sell in my Shop, hosted by Etsy. you can visit it here: Visit the Shop!

"Can you make an inking for me?"

A: When I am able I do accept commissions. Usually commissions involve drawing someone's favourite shows/actors but I am open to all kinds of requests.

"Will you come and draw my show?"

A: I love to get invites to draw shows and if im able to attend I certainly will. 

"What inspires your drawings?"

A: Ive had a love of theatre for as long as I can remember and its inspired a lot of my career choices. my drawings are directly inspired by a rich heritage of Theatrical artists such as Clive Francis, H.M. Bateman and Al Hirschfeld, to name a few.

"What do you do when your not drawing?"

A: Most of my artwork is created in the evenings and weekends as in the week I am a Set and Costume designer for theatre currently working as resident designer at a drama school. 

"How many people are on the Dramatic Inking team?"

A: The core team consists of two humans; Andy draws the pictures, Scott handles the admin, And two Felines; Titus Andronipuss and Gypsy Rose Lee.

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