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Commission your own Inking!


Looking for a unique opening night gift? An inking of your favourite show? An illustration of your cat as Jean Val-Jean? 


Whatever your request, contact me using the form and describe, in the message section, what you have in mind. If you have a price range include that as well. 


Shortly after sending the request, you will receive an email from me including a quote and further details about commissions. 

Some things to consider:

- Black and white or Colour? 

- Size of artwork? I usually work at A3 size.

- Multiple copies? I can make prints from original artwork.

- Details? How many figures, objects etc to include?

- Deadline? Do you need your commission for a specific date?

jennifer Hepburn.jpg


Depending on your request you may be asked to provide reference pictures of the subjects.


You will be invoiced once your commission is accepted and a price is agreed. All payments are split 50% up front and 50% + shipping once completed.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me. 

Commission Form
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